Tuesday, August 11

Time And Materials

By another name, it's Parts and Labor.

But not included in that paradigm is talent.

It was the learned talent of my neurosurgeon that has left my arm virtually pain-free - virtually, since all that is now left, pain-wise, is typical old-age meltdown.

Parts? My titanium plate and four titanium screws in my neck comes to a staggering four grand. That's $4,000 for you mathemeticians. That was included in the $17,000-plus hospital bill.

But wait, there's more...

Got the bill from the neurosurgeon the other day. For his part. For his talent.

So not counting the other four doctors I saw during the initial phase of quackery, before someone was willing - and able - to pick up a scalpel and FIX THE DAMN THING, just the doctor's fee was eighteen grand. Math types: $18,000.

And if you take a stab at an estimate for all things considered - time off work (FMLA did help), pain, suffering, and the whatnot not itemized, my neck is now worth about $40,000.

Funny, there's no mention of what room service cost.

Not kidding. Meals are ordered on the phone. And yes, they call it room service.

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