Saturday, August 1

One Word On Hazing

Only one word is necessary in regards to hazing in Utah public schools and the condoning or ignoring of the subject by administrators.

One word never gets mentioned when people ask why such a big fuss over hazing.

Only one word can be applied to why laws on the books in Utah need to be re-written. That only as recently as 2008 was the law altered to include "bullying".

A radio talk-show on Friday was discussing the matter of hazing and the commentators - from the sound of it, they were obviously jocks - said that the kids being hazed should just "suck up" and take it. That it's all just part of growing up. Get over it. Basically, stop being a sissy.

Too many times we hear about how badly hazing - and bullying - turns into headlines we'd all care not to hear about. And all too commonly, someone gets hurt. Or even killed.

One word, unfortunately forgotten ten years out, never gets any press.

One word.


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