Sunday, August 2

To Crop Or Not To Crop

That is the question.

I've commented on a certain local newspaper in the past, and cannot help but do so again.

On the front page of that newspaper today is this photo:

That the crop on the photo seems to have left a ghostly hand over on the right hand side made me wonder just who was in charge of editing this day. Maybe it's my dirty mind - are you listening, DesNews? - but there's something a bit perverse in the handling of the hand. And what it is gripping.

Let it be said that Marilee saw it first. Maybe she's lived with me too long and some things have rubbed off on her.

Anyway, I wondered if I could find an earlier copy of the photo as it depicts the aftermath of the mudslide in Logan last month and what sort of crop may have been done previously.

But a trip to the DesNews website produced something I wasn't expecting. At all. The following photo graces the rolling ticker on their home page:

No ghostly hand.

It does re-appear later in the online article, but only in a gallery.

Maybe the apparition is edited out for the website viewers so as not to alarm.

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