Wednesday, September 2

Appearances Are Everything

Matilee had a sleep study done last night at the request of her pulmonologist. She's had sleep problems in the past, and while she sleeps OK with a 4 ½ year old C-PAP machine, the doctor thinks that with newer advances that more can be done.

The study is done at a relatively quiet building that doubles as an assisted-living facility in a residential area of Salt Lake City. So it comes as no surprise that one might see someone on the grounds that doesn't necessarily have sleeping problems.

Or, as we saw when pulling into a parking space last night, awake problems.

There, in the middle of the parking lot, a woman was in a wheelchair. Her head was down, and not moving. We both looked at each other and wondered if this was what it appeared to be. But what, exactly?

A moment or two passed, and still nothing. Were we next going to barge into the facility and alert an orderly? Or rush to her aid? Or call 9-1-1 ourselves? Or...

And then she casually reached out and turned a page in the book she was reading.

Raucous laughter emanated from our car as we collected Marilee's belongings and walked - perhaps a bit wiser - into the building.

Not everything is as it appears.

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