Saturday, September 12

Don't Drag Bigotry Into The Discussion

From an article in today's Deseret News:

"Deseret News editor Joe Cannon's decision to speak during a conservative program focused on "the importance of marriage" has drawn criticism from some and questions from others, but Cannon insists the engagement does not cross any ethical boundaries."

Also from the article:

"Glen Feighery, an assistant professor who teaches media ethics at the University of Utah, said Cannon's involvement in the event could plant seeds of doubt about the newspaper impartiality.

"It comes down to expectations," Feighery said. "It might send confusing messages if he appears at an institute that has a political point of view. Maybe people would wonder if he's there to talk about journalism or is he there to ... rally support for those views."

The article prompted several online comments; one such stands out, from a user calling himself "uncannygunman":

"I'm just like Joe Cannon, I'll speak to anyone, anytime. But if I speak the the Ku Klux Klan, my speech is largely going to be a condemnation of everything the Klan stands for. Similarly, if I were to speak to a convention of anti-gay activists, I would be reminding them of the error of their ways."

I commented on that comment; since the comments section of the Deseret News is moderated, I'm guessing my comment will be summarily deleted. But still, these are my words:

"So, uncannygunman, with a user name like that, I guess one can surmise what you'd say at a gun control rally. Or basically anything that affects everyone. At issue is what Joe Cannon says about his - and by association, the Deseret News - homophobia. Don't drag bigotry into the discussion, though I'm sure that topic has been covered ad nauseum in the Deseret News. And by association, by Joe Cannon."

Open the floodgates.

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