Tuesday, September 15

Tap Tap Tap - Is This Thing On?

So he goes to California, leaving the masses to fend for themselves. And doesn't post anything new for three days.

And in my absence, who is going to lambast the local newspaper? Guess you'll have to read it yourself - just think "What would Bob interpret this as" while doing so. It's easy.

I made it safely to California early last evening, pulling in to the hotel's parking lot at 7pm. Long drive. Hadn't done that in a good number of years. But considering I drove 900-plus miles last week - plus a drive for Marilee and I Sunday afternoon to Mirror Lake - I was ready for it.

If not a bit tired.

Today begins a new chapter, learning about products I'd really rather not know about, but I like my job.

Let me rephrase that.

I like being employed.

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