Wednesday, September 16

Dulcet Dodger Dialog

Tuesday evening television. Watching KCAL Channel 9. The Dodgers were playing the Pirates.

Suddenly, without warning, memories of childhood popped into my head. Of traveling to Elysian Park to see the Dodgers. Mornings of getting ready to go, searching for my mitt. Can't go to a Dodger game without it. "Just once, I want to catch a line drive into the first base bleachers." Afternoons of driving the seemingly short distance to Chavez Ravine. Distance and time have no meaning when you're a kid. You're going to a Dodger game!

One such afternoon, my Dad, THE Dodger fan of the family, remarks as we park the car that it sounds like the announcer on the PA system is the one on the radio. This is the 60's, and everyone has a transistor radio. And everyone is listening to KFI. So loud is the roar from all those tinny speakers that it even drowns out the real PA announcer.

We also had brought our portable radio, and it, too, was tuned to the game. Sure, we were there to see the Dodgers, but also to listen to the game. Because the only way to experience a Dodger game was in this fashion.

So as those memories were flooding into my consciousness, something seemed strangely familiar. There, emanating from the big-screen TV, some thirty years since I'd last heard it, there it was.

Vin Scully, now in his eighties, is still announcing Dodger games.

I don't know what happened in the game - all I did for the remainder of the time was to just listen.

Listen to the dulcet tones of Vin Scully

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Nancy O said...

I know what you mean, Bob. I spend a lot of time listening to Vinnie without caring about the outcome of the game. I subscribe to MLB Audio and TV, and eventually, using the archives, listen to all of his games, very few in real time. He’s been keeping me company for 58 years, since I became a baseball fan as a child in upstate New York, when the Dodgers were still in Brooklyn.

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