Wednesday, September 16

More Dodger Memories

That Vin Scully always was who we listened to in those wondrous days of yore was one thing, but we hardly ever listened to Jerry Doggett1. Why? Vin Scully just had that special talent for knowing when to provide play by play, and when to just let the picture describe the action.

Even on the radio.

When the Dodgers were on TV - remember, this was in the days before 24-hour sports channels - we'd listen to Vinnie for the first three innings on the TV. Then the sound was turned down for innings 4 through 6, and the last three on TV again.

Of course, there were times when we'd be away from home - the game just seemed to take on an extra intensity when the voice of the Dodgers was on the radio.

1I was just a kid back then, and was always wanting to be like my Dad - so if I've offended anyone about my references to Jerry Doggett, I apologize.

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