Thursday, September 17

Los Angeles & San Francisco

That would be the Dodgers vs. the Giants.

Every year, my family would spend part of our summer vacation in Pismo Beach, CA. Oh, the clam chowder. And the slot car track around the corner from the SeaWall motel.

OK, so there wasn't really much else to do in Pismo Beach, other than swimming in the oh so cold Pacific Ocean. The salt water smell was overpowering. Memories only suggest it was always cold and humid. Imagine.

But those were my memories, of my activities. But one thing I'll never forget is watching my Dad watching the Dodgers play the Giants.

In Dodger Stadium.

Again, this was before all sports all the time on ESPN. And blackouts. So summer vacation in Pismo Beach was always scheduled around when the Giants were in Los Angeles. And due to the location of the motel, the TV signal was from the bay area.

Every year we did that, even after my Mom died. It got to be that I'd even know when we were going.

That last time we both went together in about 1972, I'd just gotten my own fishing pole, and even caught a fish all by myself. Somewhere there's a picture of me with my prize catch, a three-inch-long red snapper I should have thrown back, but didn't know any better.

Getting back to the motel, there was my Dad.

Watching the Dodger game.

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