Thursday, September 17

Quantifying Customer Service

I like to think that I provide exceptional customer service. I've been doing that for thirty some-odd-years. Some things were learned by doing; if one approach didn't produce a good outcome, I'd use some other process the next time. And perfected - at least in my little world - my craft of treating each customer they way they expected to be treated.

But did I ever really think about the way I did it? Hardly. It just all turned out that way. But I never really thought about it; it was just something I was good at.

So this week in school, we've been doing coursework titled "Through the Customer's Eyes". It a seminar of sorts produced by the Rockhurst University Continuing Education Center. The focus is exactly what I've been doing for three decades. So one might think this should be a breeze. On the contrary, it's been difficult for me, if only because I've never had to be tested on the course matter.

When I complete the testing, I'll be certified to do what I've always had a knack for.

Making customers happy.

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