Saturday, September 19

Maybe It's The Altitude

...or lack thereof.

So this last week I've been getting up at my usual time - for Utah. Yup. Well, at least if it were Utah. My circadean clock is right on time, as I've been getting up at five AM. Unfortunately, that's FOUR AM in California. Also unfortunately, I've been going to bed at 10pm. Which, if you're getting the gist of this, is ELEVEN in Utah.

I don't do ELEVEN.

And if all the math is taken into account, that makes for SIX hours of sleep. No wonder I've been having droopy eyelid syndrome. Six hours isn't enough for this 52-year-old man. Nobody likes it when Bob is sleep-deprived.

So on this first day of quiet - i.e., not a classmate to be seen - I decided to go sight-seeing shopping.

Went to Fry's today - WHY AREN'T THERE FRY'S STORES IN UTAH?! Picked up a USB hub for all the USB crap I brought with me. And considering I just got an external 500G USB drive - more on that later - that hub is getting a bit of extra use.

And called my sister whom I've not seen - or talked to - in a dozen or so years. Likely more on that later, too.

So I get back to the hotel around 4pm. There's nothing much on TV, and decide to take a nap.


♫ A three-hour-nap. A three-hour-nap. ♫

So if it's not the altitude, maybe it's the attitude.

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