Sunday, September 20

Haute Cuisine

Thus far on my California travels, I've been to Sizzler, Chili's, Mrs. Knott's Chicken Dinner Restaurant, the breakfast bar in the hotel-supplied [company name deleted] meeting room, and the [company name deleted] break room for lunch last week.

And McDonald's for breakfast just now.

Yesterday afternoon, Marilee called and asked where I was. "On the way to McDonald's."


"OK, OK, I'll go somewhere else."

So I went to Mrs. Knott's. Not really haute cuisine, but definitely not your standard Utah fare. KFC just doesn't cut it in that department.

Even my instructor chastised me when he asked, after the first day, where we had all gone for dinner the previous evening.

"Sizzler" said I.

"You can go to Sizzler in Utah!"

Maybe, but we really don't go out. Much. Sure, at least one day per weekend we do McDonald's breakfast - funny, no mention is ever made of artery-clogging - but cuisine isn't a topic that comes up.

Besides, I've already begun to get a bit homesick, if only because I'm tiring of going out to dinner. I wouldn't mind some home cooking. Marilee: "We had spaghetti last night." Mmmm. Spaghetti.

You can have your cuisine, haute or otherwise.

Because what I need is comfort food.

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