Tuesday, September 1

THIS Should Be An Olympic Sport

While Marilee has been healing after her surgery, she's been far less mobile than normal. Yesterday, she was feeling up to a walk around the block; I, too, after my recent ear ache and subsequent cold, felt up to it as well. That at first we couldn't find her shoes - they were still in the "Patient Belongings" bag from the hospital - was indicative that she hadn't been ambulatory if at all, other than a few laps around the back yard.

Getting her up to do that seemingly trivial task is NOTHING.

She has a doctor's appointment today at eight-ish and Chris is coming by to pick her up and drop her off, later to pick her up once again for the ride home.

Since she hasn't been to work suggests she hasn't been "on the clock" - time has no meaning when you don't have to "punch" one. And while I was spry enough to rise once the alarm clock went off, she was reluctant to do so. Several times over.

Finally, I said I was going to get a pan and bang it over her head. A groggy "mm-hmm" was all I heard and was sprinting for the kitchen.

Metal pan and spoon in hand, upon entering the bedroom, she instinctively stuck her finger in her ear and awaited the...


A smile was all I got.

She did eventually get up; she's in the kitchen now making a bowl of cereal.

Me? I'm exhausted and would rather go back to bed.

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