Wednesday, September 23


The time difference is really getting to me.

"Wait, Bob, there's only a one-hour difference between Utah and California. If you're bs-ing about just one hour..."

No, not that time difference.

Poking away on the laptop last evening, I had "Dancing With The Stars" on in the background for noise. Tom Bergeron was droning away, and I figured I'd go to bed after the show was over. Then it suddenly dawned on me: prime-time in California ends at 11:00pm on the West Coast.

As I mentioned previously, I don't do eleven.

Hell, I don't even do ten all that well.

Since DWTS is on three times this week, and all are marathon events, I wasn't going to see sleep for a while. After having a constitutional at that moment of enlightenment, thankfully noticed it was only 9pm.

I was in bed at 9:30.

No, it's not jet lag since I drove, but still.

Get me outta here!

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