Friday, February 19

Call it a Mask or Call it a Blank, But Here's Crasher Squirrel!

Yet another Fark Photoshop yesterday began thusly:

Photoshop these bored guards and their hairy friend

The original:

Now what do you suppose I could put in there? [Eight votes as of this morning]

I'd looked for Crasher Squirrel in the past, but all I could really find was THE original of Crasher Squirrel, that curious creature who appeared in a couple's photo while they were on holiday at Lake Minnewanka in Banff National Park in Canada. The little guy has become an internet sensation and can be found in every corner of the internet.

The couple decided to send their photo along to the National Geographic's website for consideration in the magazine's Photo of the Day contest. From there, the photo spread like wildfire.

As for the Fark Photoshop yeaterday, I'd found, previously, an image that could be used as a blank or mask, but yesterday couldn't get the image to load - so off I went in search for another copy, and found this oh-so-large replacement. It's a PNG with a transparent background, so you shouldn't have any problem inserting it into your own creations:

Just do a right-click and a Save As as you would normally do to save the image to your computer.

And above all, have fun!

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