Saturday, February 20

Wait, Wait... That Was Tolerable

This morning, upon return from McDonald's, I had a "Driveway Moment"; that parcel of time where one cannot get out of the car lest one misses the last little bit of whatever's on NPR. And "Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me" was on the local NPR station.

At that moment, I decided on listening to the entire show once I got into the house, though it was about an hour later when I got around to listening to it.

It had been playing for about fifteen minutes when I realized Marilee, too, was listening. Several minutes later began the following brilliantly stimulating conversation:

Me: "Do you realize you're listening to NPR?"

She: "Oh NO."

Me: "Yes."

As an aside, Marilee is not one who can stand "Talk Radio" as she calls it. I, for one, consider "Talk Radio" as that drivel that KSL Radio insists on broadcasting during the early afternoon hours - in other words, Sean Hannity and his ilk. A call-in show, in other words.

In Marilee's ears, that which she refers to as "Talk Radio" is where only talking is heard. No music, only talking. This includes any and all shows on any NPR station.

One evening on a return trip from somewhere, "Prairie Home Companion" was on - she identified it as being some sort of religious program - "No, dear, it's not religious, it's from Lake Woebegone, and..." let's just say something was lost in the translation.

Admittedly, today's "Wait, Wait" was a compilation of several earlier shows - nothing "live" - so she didn't get the whole effect. "Wait, Wait" is funny, irreverent, witty, all the adjectives one can think of. And "we" will try to get her to listen to next week's show.

Why? Because she actually listened to "talking" on the radio today.

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