Monday, February 1

Is Mormonism A Second-Tier Faith?

Oh, don't get all huffy with me.

I'm just commenting on something that recently happened in California. Yes, THAT California. While Mormonism and California in the same sentence may conjure up thoughts of propositions to the eighth degree, this time it has to do with what one Pagan chaplain says about Catholics, Protestants, Pagans, and, yes, Mormons.

Yes, putting Mormons and Pagans in the same sentence may be blasphemy, but this topic needs to be reiewed not just by Californians, but by those in other parts pf the country. Since the article, linked below, is from St. Louis it may mean that Golden Staters don't want to deal with it, either.

But Utahns? Anyone with a Journalistic bent in Utah wanna take a stab at this one?

Is your faith about to be demoted?
By Kathy Nance
Special to the [St. Louis] Post-Dispatch

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