Wednesday, February 3

What Part Don't You Understand?

To the driver of the little car southbound on I-15 last night, near Lindon:


An acceleration lane is for just that. Accelerating. One must accelerate to match the speed of the rest of the cars on the thoroughfare. The old "defensive driving" advertising of the seventies and eighties remind you that one should never insist on the right-of-way. It's not a right as in your Civil Rights, no, little car driver, it has to do with the opposite of left.

Your forty-miles-an-hour speed in the acceleration lane is a bad idea, no matter where you live. In inclement driving conditions, I can see your 40 MPH would be appropriate, but not on that section of I-15 where the traffic speed was easily 65 and maybe a little bit more.

Further, I am NOT going to slow down to your speed to let you in. Twice I slowed to let you accelerate into the space but you chose not to do so. That you apparently gave up and instead drove onto the shoulder is not of my concern.

I just hope you kept your head and arms inside the vehicle until the ride came to a complete stop.

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Apparently, this driver misunderstood all 5 letters.

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