Friday, May 14

Cristofori's Dream

OK, folks, here's a chance for you all to keep Marilee and I from going stir crazy. Quite an accomplishment if you can do this for us.

There is an instrumental song called Cristofori's Dream that we know - and you will likely concur - is from a movie. It was either the theme song, or in a dream sequence, or something. But it WAS in a movie, we're certain. But we cannot find any reference at all.

And we're sorry if, when you hear the music, it gets stuck in your head, too. And you won't sleep until you find out the answer. Just be sure to share.

At least it's not It's A Small World.


Jenn said...

Yeah I don't recognize this song otherwise I'd love to help :)

Anonymous said...

i just heard the song on pandora solo piano radio and I know I've heard it from a movie but its driving me crazy not knowing which one

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