Sunday, May 16

On The Road...


Yes, dear readers, it is time for another trip to sunny California. But not Orange County this time. This time it's to San Francisco. Two more weeks of training. On [expletive deleted] equipment.

It'll be my first-every visit to the City by the Bay, but not for lack of trying.

Ah, the memories of the fateful trip up the coast in about 1965 or so. Bad memories, actually. It was about the time of the annual pilgrimage to Pismo Beach that, after traveling up the coast, that we were then off to San Francisco.

Thinking back to those days before full-on Interstates chills me to the bone. Then again, my Dad didn't take the inland route, no, he decided to take us up the coast. ON the coast. Or, rather, it was ABOVE the coast.

I was a kid then. Eight or so. And scared sh!tless. Even now, I cannot imagine looking off the precipice that was Coast Highway. I do not plan on heading down that way.


I'm here for two weeks, and I'm sure I'll have much to share. One thing is for certain: I'll have much to share on my return to Utah. On Memorial Day weekend.

No, I haven't learned that lesson yet.

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