Friday, May 28

The Sea Princess

Last Saturday, this ship (the Sea Princess) was in port at Pier 35 in San Francisco, thus adding to the mayhem down by Fisherman's Wharf and Pier 39.

Had the ship only been letting people off would have been enough of a hassle, but in addition, there were people waiting to get ON. So the added traffic in the area made for something less than a pleasant experience. At least in that part of the peninsula.

By the time my classmate and I made it to Pier 39, however, the crowd had thinned, and it was far more pleasant, at least from a touristy point of view, which was the mode we were in. Tempted though we were to don Bermuda shorts, black socks and shoes, a camera around the neck and maps hanging out of our pockets, the illusion of the quintessential tourist was marred by the weather.

It was COLD!

OK, so not cold by Utah standards, but this time of year in San Francisco the weather is supposed to be warmer, and everyone in class did not pack appropriately.

And, thank you very much, the mere mention of a few classmates saying they'd brought tank tops and shorts added to my misery, if only for trying to get those visuals out of my mind. Virtual eye bleach, anyone?

Last day of class was today, and was sad to see all of them go. As with my two stints last year in Southern California, I may never see these good folks again, either.

Farewell, good friends.

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