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Don't Buy This Book


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No bs here, folks.

The book pictured above (ISBN 1604592680) is supposedly a compilation of the US Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, and the Articles of Confederation. If that was all there was to this little tome, I'd have no qualms in recommending it. But look beyond the cover, and one sees what this travesty is all about:

The publisher, Wilder Publications, is a "print-on-demand" outfit; send them your text, they'll turn it into a book. Apparently, any text.

Whoever submitted this "compilation" to Wilder for publication should be ashamed. There is no need whatsoever to suggest these documents should be read with anything less than reverence, for what they say is why this country is the greatest in history.

I have personally not read nor do I own this book. What I have read are the comments left on Amazon's website, to wit:

"I don't know what to make of [this]. If it says what I think it says I think I want a Constitution from another publisher! That statement seems to say that the Publisher is telling us how to read it! They are saying that it's principles couldn't possibly mean the same thing today! What arrogance! I hope they don't mean these things but how can I not come to these conclusions?"


"Do not buy this product. The authors have put a disgraceful passage in the beginning of this book that represents the worst in progressive thinking and political correctness. The constitution is perfect as written and there is no need to apologize for it. The publisher should close it's doors and move to France. "

From what I gather from the comments at Amazon, the seventy-two pages of the book are not just of the three listed documents, but of commentary from someone picking them apart to satisfy their own political agenda. To make matters worse, the book has a sales rank of 500 at Amazon. I shudder to think just who is buying this book - politicians, perhaps?

Sounds to me that the publishers are the winners here and not the American People.

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