Monday, June 21

New Family Member(s)

The parentheses are necessary - allow me to explain...

After losing Princess recently, I thought I'd never want another dog around; Bambi and Lexie would have to be it for quite a while.

THAT was before I met Bowser.

Bowser is a purebred mutt. Somewhere in that gene pool is Labrador Retriever. And - I couldn't believe this when I heard - he may have Shar Pei mixed in for good measure.

Yes, HE.

Marilee has said in the past that she only liked girl dogs; tummy rubs were always, uh, nicer, as there wasn't anything to "get in the way".

Since he's only still a puppy, that's not much of an issue. Honestly, I don't think it'll be an issue later, either. But maybe it's just a guy thing.

Oh, yeah... the parentheses issue...

When Marilee found out about Bowser, she also found out about the Mom Dog, Mia. She'd had ten puppies - yes, TEN. Most have been adopted, but as is the case with most puppies turned over to shelters and humane societies, the puppies are adopted first, with the Mom Dogs left for... OK, we don't talk about that. But it happens, folks. The harsh realities of the pet over-population explosion.

We thought it would be an excellent idea to adopt the puppy and foster the Mom Dog. That way, they could sleep together; the puppy would have that bond with his Mom, keeping him content, and QUIET.

In other words, no late-night whimpering.

Yeah, THAT happened. The first three nights, we had them in an upstairs bedroom in a crate, and for the most part it worked. Until, of course, the bond between the puppy, Mom Dog, and us developed.

Yes, the Mom Dog, too.

Mia, the Mom Dog, has become part of the family, though not officially - thus the parentheses. Bowser is used in the singular; the plural hasn't happened yet.


1 comment:

father of four said...

The more the merrier! I hope you're not having to give up your bed?!

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