Monday, June 28

Summer Dayzz

Brilliantly Stimulating conversation Saturday night:

Marilee: "Are those explosions louder than they were last year?"

Me: "Maybe they seem louder because we're older."

There, I said it. We are older.

While I would have liked to have had fireworks pictures from the weekend at Taylorsville Dayzz, there aren't any since a) once you've seen one fireworks display you've seen them all, or b) I couldn't find the base plate for my tripod. Or didn't look hard enough. Maybe a bit of both.

And that's not the half of it. Every year we've watched the fireworks, we had the whole fam damily over to watch; this year it was just Marilee and myself. Oh, Taylor came out from the dungeon a couple times, but not for very long.

But some of those fireworks - not the more-for-show oohs and ahhs fireworks - but the shock and awe booming fireworks took us by surprise. The ones that echoed off the surrounding hills for-ev-er actually shook us to the core.

The best thing about the weekend fireworks spectacle had to have been from Taylor Friday night - we were sitting quietly in the family room when the first report was heard...

Me: "Must be ten o'clock."

Marilee: "Oh, the dogs!"

The dogs - all four of 'em - began a whimper/cry/what-the-hell-was-that chorus. It was all we could do to keep them still.

Just after that, he came up from downstairs...

Taylor: "Are those fireworks?"

Me: "Yes."

Taylor: "Are you sure?"


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