Monday, July 26

Doublin' It Up

On the road again...

Who would have thought that I'd be a travelin' man so soon after my last trip to California. But I am, and Marilee's along for the ride this time. And the destination?

The city by the bay. No, THE City by the Bay.

Yes, I/we're off to San Francisco again.

More edumication.

Just a three-day class, but with the short notice, I'm again driving. Another eleven-hour drive (give or take), something that was communicated to me by not one, not two, but three different people all the way from local entities through corporate travel. All apparently forgetting that I drive for a living anyway.

Heaven forbid they'd freak out if they knew we can drive 300-plus on a given day. The difference being that by and large, we get to sleep in our own beds after the fact.

But this time? At least I have Marilee to remind me to stop occasionally for rest breaks.

But eleven hours? Hardly. We left yesterday morning and pulled into Reno at 4pm Pacific time. Today we're off to Fort Bragg. Tuesday AM we head down to Frisco.

Yeah, the additional time driving is mostly to break up the trip but mostly since we probably won't get another chance to have a vacation this year.

So what if I get educated in the process. And part of that education is I'm tired of driving so much.

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