Tuesday, August 17

ADHD Becoming More Prevalent In Classrooms?

Oh, I've heard this one before - "Leave him alone, he's just being a kid". If only that could be true.

In today's USA Today is an article regarding the prevalence of kids to be misdiagnosed with ADHD, when in reality, those children are just the youngest in their kindergarten class.

As if that were the only reason.

Here's a fact that not many of you may know:

At least half of those children who are diagnosed with ADHD - boys, specifically - are later found to have a condition known as Klinefelter Syndrome, a condition also known as 47,XXY. While much has been said about the sexual implications - an extra X chromosome - it's what Klinefelter Syndrome (KS) does to the brain. The symptoms are EXACTLY the same as those found in ADHD.

While the mechanics of a boy having KS are known - it happens during meiosis, or at the first cell division at conception - the event is totally random. But while random, it's more likely to happen with mothers of advanced age, after 35 years. And considering many women now having children have waited to start a family, for whatever reason, the chances are now even greater for multitudes of boys to have not ADHD, but Klinefelter Syndrome.

More can be found here (PDF).

This post isn't bs.

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father of four said...

Thanks Bob. There is some useful stuff in this link that I hadn't come across.

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