Monday, August 23

Driving In Utah County

I don't know what it is about driving in Utah County, but I have a real hard time with it. Maybe it's the overly-engineered traffic patterns in parking lots. Or maybe the over-abundance of traffic circles. Design a friggin' traffic light that works. Something. Anything.

So I see on the news this morning that a rare traffic design is about to make its debut in, of all places, American Fork. God help us:

We already have a continuous-flow intersection (CFI) in Utah at 35th South and Bangerter. That was a pain getting used to, but damned if the thing actually works. There are a couple more in progress.

Then of course we have SPUI's galore - Single-Point Urban Interchanges.

Now in American Fork is the Diverging Diamond Interchange, similar to the one shown above. Great - it makes a driver go on the left-hand-side of the road.

Hell, Utah County drivers can't drive on the right side correctly.

1 comment:

Crackerjack said...

That looks freaking cool. Can't wait to drive it :)

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