Tuesday, December 7

Dad's Spiral Notebook

I'm writing a new blog.

Wait, that's not entirely true. "Dad's Spiral Notebook" refers to a little notebook, from the late 1930's or early 1940's. As it had been in his possession, I refer to it as such. Now that it's in my possession, it could just as easily be referred to as mine. But that's not the point.

Written in "Dad's Spiral Notebook" is a collection of poems and prose. But they were not written by my Dad, rather, they were written for my Dad.

I know only the name of the person who filled that little notebook chock-full of love. I can only guess that this is the reason someone so painstakingly wrote down all that is contained in the notebook, if only for the following, which is at the end:

"Wally - Thank you again, for inspiring me to look up, and read, and copy, all these lovely verses etc. Reading them, and putting them down for you, has helped me too. This time, I saw them through different eyes. LOVE YOU, JESS NOLAN."

No, I don't know who Jess Nolan was. Wally - Wallace - was my Dad. Since there's never any mention of her past this notebook, I can only guess she was more keen on my Dad than vice versa.

Anyway, I've begun transcribing the notebook in another place - dadsspiralnotebook.blogspot.com - you can find the entries there. I'll be putting down each of the entries once per day until I come to the end. Unlike most blogs, this will have an end, I'm afraid. At least these entries will be around for longer than this little book will surely last.

That's the point. Enjoy the ride.

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