Friday, December 10

That Notebook Project

So I've started this here "Dad's Spiral Notebook" project, and didn't really realize the length of it all. I did count out all the entries, and it looks like I won't be done with it until well into Spring.

Yes, typing it all in is tedious, but what isn't apparent - to you, the reader - is how awesomely cool the original is. As I'm in California, and for once didn't bring my camera, I haven't yet accomplished the "other" part of the project: photos of each individual page. WRITTEN IN LONGHAND. It's only then that one realizes how truly neat it was that this woman copied down all these things for my Dad.

It was posited that she may have had a similar notebook, compiled by and in the hand of my Dad. Don't know. In fact, I don't even know where it may have been compiled. California? South Dakota? Somewhere else entirely?

Hey, internet! Where's Jess Nolan?

I've thus far transcribed up until January 1, 2011. A little bit at a time.

Enjoy the ride.

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