Sunday, March 15

Bubble Butt

That would be Bambi.

Given the opportunity, Bambi would eat herself to death. We always have to keep an eye on her; no food can be left within her reach. That skinny nose would be in as small a spot as you could imagine, and would lick and lick her quarry until she couldn't get back out.

But that's her breed - she is, after all, a Rat Terrier. Any space a rat could get into, she'd be after it.

Saturday evening's meal was Mac and Cheese. A favorite around here. And this morning was time for leftovers. Marilee had just nuked a plate of The Cheesiest with sides of green beans and taco salad. And while watching a bit of TV, had an audience: both Lexie and Bambi were in rapt attention.

Afterwards, Bambi took up residence on Marilee's lap. Now, in the evenings at bedtime, Bambi's favorite place is under the covers. And while mornings are times for being awake, Bambi would rather spend more time under the covers than being out and about.

Showing her burrowing nature, her head was the only thing covered on Marilee's lap.

And showing her great love for food, Bambi decided to give us an ample view.

Of her bubble butt.

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