Monday, March 16

Morning Upholstery Cleaning

Any early morning blog post that begins with "cleaning" cannot be good. And, yes, Bambi was involved.

Saturday afternoon shopping had Marilee at Target - we won't be going to the local Walmart anytime soon - buying a bubbling, warming, massaging foot bath, with likewise Aveeno Oatmeal Foot Bath "stuff".

Did I mention oatmeal?

Marilee had her foot bath last evening; afterwards dumping the water contained therein, unit dried and set aside. And the remaining "stuff" left on the side table. Bedtime last night, Taylor announces Bambi is into something but it's late and we pay no nevermind to him.

Morning comes, Lexie has already been out, and now the other regiment now needs to potty. And afterwards, Bambi troops up to the bedroom carrying something.

Yes. The half-empty oatmeal foot bath packet.

The stuff is EVERYWHERE. On the floor, on her, and ON THE CHAIR. Bambi, having licked, licked, licked, LICKED the oatmeal to a thick glue consistency, has now embedded it into the fine fibers of the chair. For those of you familiar with this chair, it was formerly known as "Jenn's Chair". Makes you want to sit in that chair again, hmmm?

The vacuum didn't get all of it up as it has a problem sucking concrete. But it'll eventually come out. How?

There will be a giant wet spot on the chair when we get home.

1 comment:

Jenn said...

Awwwww poor Weenie :P I hope that stuff didn't cement inside of her gut! Mom should know better by now not to leave random substances lying around...Bambi has been into so much stuff I'm surprised she's never had major problems :P

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